Product Overview

Every pair of eyes are as unique as the person’s finger print. In order to find the best match based on patient’s need, we offer the products ranging from almost all the brand names to our exclusive European design freeform progressive lenses.


LUX HD For the first time LUX HD gives practitioners the choice of Variable channel length in steps of 1mm. The perfect harmony and transition between visual fields allows wearer with a generous areas for both distance and near vision , wider and more lucid intermediate.
z Next generation progressive with a remarkable clear area for distance, comfortable intermediate and impressive reading. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.
sigma General use progressive lens with wider fields of view and less distortion. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.
sigma2 Designed for good distance. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.
sigma3 Soft design progressive with an expanded near vision area. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.
alpha General use progressive lens with generous visual areas for near and distance.
h-one Good value package digital progressive lens.
officium Next generation occupational lens with widest near vision possible. Good for both computer and office use. Customized degression power to suit individual need.
primary Mild add progressive lens for pre presbyopia patients. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.
svhd Advanced freeform S.V. lens. Wider field of view with no distortion. Available with optimal frame-fit calculation.


The Difference in Measuring

difference1 For the process know-how it is important to understand the difference that measuring is one of the important issues for lab and customer.
difference2 Optical measuring instruments have fixed optical systems and are not as flexible as human eyes. Angular movement can create different values.
difference3 The power customers really measure, is sometimes different to the necessary prescription. To get maximum user satisfaction our HD lenses calculates based on prescription plus visual angles of the user.








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